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Hi Everyone!
Welcome to my photo blog! Here you will be able to view some of my most recent well as a little glimpse of my own life here and there. Sooo... thanks so much for taking the time to visit, and joining me on this journey!

Here goes nothing! :)



Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Raymond (New Plymouth Idaho Senior Photographer)

This session with Raymond CRACKED.ME.UP!  It seriously took us 10 my backyard, next to our hair-less cat that kept rubbing on his leg haha..and still turned out awesome ! 
Raymond...thanks so much for having me!


Dana (Nampa Idaho Senior Photographer)

I had so much fun at this shoot with Dana and her boyfriend!  This location was amazing...and this girly definitely knew how to pose! {rocked it!}{and...not to mention how sweet and gorgeous she was!} 
Dana...I had a blast...thanks so much for having me!!

Friends (New Plymouth Idaho Senior Photographer)

What a fun session this was.  Why... didn't I do something like this with my friends back in the day...haha?!! 
 Such great memories!